Two Varieties Of... Water!

9개월 전


Years ago, I was driving home from work. It was in Mars or April, cold weather, thick clouds, threatening to rain, getting dark already, not because it was late, but it was the clouds effect.

I saw my friend Marwene (yes the one who always awakens the silliness and weirdness in me, I mentioned him in one of my earlier blogs). He stopped me and came on. He said he had a plan but wanted me to pick our third best friend, Omar before he tells me what it was. I started getting nervous when he said that, I know exactly what kind of "plan" it is, if it had to include Omar.

A few minutes later it was the three of us in the car, a Citroen Nemo I used to have. It had only two seats so they had to share the seat next to me. Illegal I know, but none of us cared. We tend to care much less and think even less about the consequences of our actions when we are together than we do separated.

Marwene's deal was that he's been doing this challenge none of us cared to ask him why he's doing or when he started it. The challenge said he had to swim in the sea at least once a month, for one year. That month was about to end and he hasn't done it yet. Of course that would be a horrible thing if he fails the challenge, we all agreed. We took a few minutes to bring our shorts and I drove them to the sea, about 20 miles from where we live.

As we got closer, we went in a rain storm. You think it meant we should go home? No, it only meant there won't be police checks on the road. Remember they were illegally sharing one seat?

It was when we saw the sea, that we started considering whether we wanted to carry on with the "plan". There was water on both sides of the road leading to the sea. The beach was gone, what once was the parking area, has become an extension of the sea. It was like the sea decided to meet us there and greet us for some change instead of waiting where it was supposed to wait.

I stopped the car right there, on the road, it wouldn't bother anyone there, considering the heavy rain and the freezing weather. Only fools would come there during that storm... well, fools or someone (fool) with a challenge and his (fool) friends.

Omar made it clear he was out. Me and Marwene started taking off our clothes and getting ready for the madness that awaits us, although one can never get ready for such things, at least not emotionally.

We changed, slightly opened the doors, each on his side, and kept yelling at each other "ARE YOU SURE YOU WANNA DO THIS?!" "LETS DO IT!" "COME ON!" "COME ON!!" "RUNNNN!"

Personally, I turned off any feelings of temperature or wetness or any sense at all for all that mattered. I got out of the car, closed the door, and ran for it, Marwene's screams the only comfort there was. I was not alone in that madness.

We ran across what used to be the parking area, then the beach, then there was a relatively high piece of "land" where the sea used to stop. We did a spontaneous dance that none of us proposed or started, it just happened. Then it was just like a normal swim in the sea during a storm, something everyone should experience at least once; two varieties of water, one overwhelming us from above, freezing-cold and sweet, the other was all around us, salty and much warmer than the former, but a little violent, pushing and pulling and trying to tell us we were not welcome there.

Thanks to Omar's hesitation, we have a video to prove what we did.

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