Secure Android Phones

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There is a lot of news about the insecurity and risk of attacks on Android phones, which is often rumored. Be with me to secure the #Android #phone.


Tips to increase the security of your Android phone

Our smartphones are our most personal devices.
We carry them everywhere, we store personal and family pictures on them, we record our important notes on them and there is a history of all our calls on it.

How to stay safe?

  • Use a PIN (password) for the lock screen

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    Always use a PIN or password to protect your #smartphone information.
    Adding these security layers to smartphones can be very effective. But if you're one of those people who quickly forgets passwords, you can use a pattern to lock your phone.

  • Lock your apps

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    Sometimes using one password is not enough. To be on the safe side, you need to encrypt your personal programs, such as your mobile phone wallet, etc., which contain confidential information. You can use encryption apps to do this.

  • Download your programs from original and reliable sources

  • You can download them from reputable sites or stores to make sure the programs you need are safe and secure.

    Note: Before downloading a software, it is best to check it in terms of quality and ranking.

    Also, checking the software in terms of privacy policy is another point that you should pay attention to.

  • Read the software access permissions before downloading

  • Doing so is another important step to keeping the security of your information.
    Check program access before installation.
    Some software does not require additional access, and if you see such a thing, the software is suspicious of the #virus.

    For example, downloading a paid app that requires access to your mobile phone's camera is not necessary.

  • Get help from Android device management software

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    #Android device management is one of the useful programs.
    If you lose your cell phone for any reason, this app will help you track your Android phone and find it easily.
    You can also restore your data to factory settings to remotely control it.

  • Get help from Google Authenticator

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    You can add a new security layer to your account using #Google Authenticator.
    This software is one of the best solutions for authentication of Google account, which if activated, you can receive it through your mobile phone number and log in to your account with more confidence.

    Note: This program can also be used for some services other than Google.

  • Install antivirus

  • Using a powerful and useful antivirus is also an important and fundamental step in information retention; So install a strong antivirus as soon as possible.

    Some viruses or malware cannot be easily identified. Antiviruses detect them by their own techniques and prevent them from working.

  • Do not use public Wi-Fi

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    It's best to avoid using public #Wi-Fi as much as possible. You can never be sure that this free network is 100% secure. Also, make sure that your mobile phone does not automatically connect to free Wi-Fi networks.

    Keep in mind that by connecting to a Wi-Fi, you are giving access to that Wi-Fi.
    Also, if the network you are connected to is infected with a virus, it is possible that the virus will infiltrate your phone.

    Tip: Some Wi-Fis steal your information and you won't notice. If you don't need Wi-Fi, it's best to keep it off.
  • Avoid short or unknown links

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    Beware of artificial or dangerous links you may receive via email, message or checking your social media accounts. There are many hackers who make a copy of a page and accidentally send emails called phishing attacks to anyone who clicks on these links, trying to make your login page.

    Never click on such links unless you have full confidence in the sender of those emails.


I hope you find the content useful

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