Beauty In Simplicity - Pen Portrait Drawing



Sharing with you all a simple yet expressive pen drawing I did of a young woman. By going for simplicity, it puts a greater focus on the eyes and her expression. I feel like the eyes are the most important thing in a portrait because it reveals their personality and what they're thinking.

The hair and other parts of the face are not as important compared to the eyes and I think leaving it like this is better than adding more. I went for one direction for most of the lines as if she is briefly appearing on the page before disappearing again. Sometimes it's best to know when to finish a drawing and not to overwork it.

Done on A5 paper with a standard ball point pen.

Thanks for checking out the post!

- Ian

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Absolutely amazing drawing, love the eyes, completely agree with you, beautifully done!


Thanks :)

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I like it. Sweet and harmonious strokes👍🤒.


Thanks :)