STEEM biggest gain today!


Hi Steemit Friends,

Steem has its biggest gain of the day on Bittrex. 46%! Hive also on the charts with great gains and volume. What is going on? Hive's gain is clearly the listing on Huobi but Steem? What have we got brewing in the pot? Although we see a nice gain of 46% sitting around 24c, we are still very far from $1 when I first started on here. The times when SBD was over $15 and Steem sitting at over $8 was crazy times.

We can see the Steeminc team trying to turn things around making daily posts and making some initives but are they working? Are investors seeing these so they decided all of a sudden to invest? These roller coaster ride on the two tokens has been interesting the past few days. I guess its better to be on the biggest gain position of the day than not being talked about right?



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