Natural or artificial?


When natural seems artificial it can be confusing. Nature could play with us by doing some modeling of herself that does not look like her, but something created by man.

And the questions begin...

who did it?
we could give a thousand answers, some of them even over natural, or that people from another planet left us some legacy and we have to decipher it.



One as a human being needs to clarify many things, although sometimes we may not be able to bear the truths that are revealed to us, and sometimes we may not even be able to see them even when we have them in front of us.

Then, there is such an insistence of truths, some of them invented but that somehow satisfy us and generate that peace of mind we need, even if it is with an invented truth.

But that's the way we are, that's the way we'll be for a while longer.

This is a short literary exercise from the main image.



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