How Blockchain Brought Us Together

7개월 전


There is nothing most happy thing besides having a partner who is also a content creator on the blockchain like me.

I have been on the blockchain for more than 3 years while @anggreklestari is two years old.

I am happy that we have finally made a big decision for our lives, and for our careers.


I am very happy that she can support what I do on the blockchain.

I hope that with blockchain technology, my profession as a streamer will be brighter in the future.

Blockchain not only gave me a better life but also united me and @anggreklestari as a couple.


She is the woman I have wanted for a long time and she is a great creator. I have always admired her hard work for a long time. I knew she would make my life better.

I hope we can always be together and hope everything is fine. I just want to make her happy, that's all.


Thanks, blockchain, thanks HIVE!

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My baby ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Felicitaciones pareja, muchos éxitos.

Happy for you,....

Senang dan bahagia sekali melihat kalian @jodipamungkas dan @anggreklestari. Ini sungguh luar biasa, sampai speechless. Pokoknya sukses dan bahagia selalu. Saleum dari Lhokseumawe.