JP Review - Is The Angry Bird Dream Blast Worth Playing ?

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Hi Gamers and all community in hive blockchain, today I will review other casual mobile games that are suitable for you and do not take much time to play, before I have discussed coin master car games, you can check here.

Angry Bird Dream Blast is a casual game that is really very easy and wherever you can play this game, it's just a little draining your mind, because this game must have a strategy to win 1 stage. Is the angry bird dream blast game worth playing for you? Next I will review important points that you might be interested in this game.

Drain the mind

Angry bird blast game is a casual arcade game that really drains your mind, because you will be given 5 love in this game, you have to complete each stage perfectly, each stage you will be given 20-34 turns, if you cannot finish the stage with a turn that has been given, then your love will be reduced.

If all your love runs out, you have to wait for love regeneration every 20 minutes, so use your opportunities as best you can and think hard for each turn you make.



Angry bird dream blast provides a gameplay experience that is quite easy and easy to understand, you only need to click on the angry bird character, only 3 characters are available, namely angry birds in red, yellow and black.

Each Angry bird has different skills, one of which is the red colored Angry Bird can destroy vertically, yellow destroys vertically and horizontally and the last is black which destroys the entire ball.

Quite simple and not too dizzy, if you want to download angry bird dream blast, just go to the play store or appstore on your smartphone.


Is this game worth playing? Yes of course, for those of you who want to play casually and don't need a lot of time, I highly recommend you to play this game in your spare time and enjoy the angry bird blast dream game.

Thank you to all of you who have read this review article, give your opinion and see you in the next review article ..

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