JP Review - Is The Black Desert Mobile Worth Playing ?

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Hello Gamers in hive blockchain, today's review I will discuss my favorite mmorpg game on PC, now available on mobile, the game is Black desert Mobile, because this game is in demand on the PC console market, fans have flooded Pearl Abbys. Black desert has thousands of fans all over the world, I am one of the black desert fans, because I don't have friends to play on the PC console, finally I decided to play on the Mobile console.

this game was released in 2018 by pearl abbys with the MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer online Role-playing) genre, you can download it on the Android and iOS platforms. This game gets a pretty good rating with a total download of around 300k users, with pretty good graphics, making me never get bored to play this game.


Now, because this game is MMORPG genre, I have to spend enough time to play this game, why? because you have to look for materials, experience and play missions so your level rises. Next I will explain some of the features, gameplay and characters in the black desert mobile game.

the most interesting feature is, you can customize characters, like hair, nose, mouth and other parts, you can very freely create your own character, with very good graphics, make your character look like an original.

Very good combat features like on a PC, make your mmorpg experience more exciting, with several fighting styles that are quite unique each character and you can issue combos easily to kill all the monsters in front of you, use your own action fighting style.


Other good features are, you can create your own camp, cut down trees for your camping needs, fish for survival in your camp and decorate your camp freely, you can also ask workers to help you do work at your camp, this feature makes you the most i play this game.

World Boss has also been prepared in several specific locations, invite your friends and relatives to kill together the world boss, because the world boss is very strong and must be dozens of players to damage the boss, if you can kill the boss, drop items will appear, if you are lucky, you can get epic items.


now I will explain some classes that you can choose at the beginning of the game, there are 8 classes that you can choose according to your wishes, starting from warrior, ranger, withc, giant, valkrye, sorceress, dark knight and striker. Each class has different skills and uses different weapons.

do not stop there, every certain level, you can have a new class from the first level, the first class is standard, your second will change to a class awakening and the last is class accession, each class increase, you will be given stronger skills compared with the previous level, what class would you like to play mmorpg? give your comments below.


thank you for reading my review about Black desert mobile, this game is very appropriate for you mmorpg lovers, give your comments about this game and my review, see you in the next game review.

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