JP Review - Is The Dragon Quest Of The Stars Worth Playing ?

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Hello gamers in hive blockchain, today I will review a game that gets the title of game of the day in the appstore today, the game that is Dragon Quest Of The Stars, Square Enix has succeeded in making several mobile games that are quite attractive to gamers around the world.

Nearly downloaded about 20 million and has sold more than 80 million copies worldwide, lifted from the Dragon Quest RPG series, making fans want to play the Dragon Quest game on mobile.


Roaming around the planet and fighting monsters, the dragon quest of the stars is the best game of the day, with the genre of Adventure RPG, very good graphics and supported with very simple gameplay.

Designed by famous Japanese manga character designer Akira Toriyama and also you will get unique stamps to interact with adventure directly drawn by famous Japanese illustrator Kanahei.


For the gameplay, this game is very simple, requires a little strategy called the "Skill Gauge Battle" system, use the best combos and skills that produce great damage, you should know, the boss also has a skill gauge, use your strategy and play casually .

Well, you can also replace cosmetics in your character, such as cool cosmetics, you can freely be creative with your character, make your character as cool as possible.


Simple gameplay, good graphics, make you not bored playing this game, Dragon quest of the stars is very worthy for you to play, if you want to play this game, directly download it on the appstore or playstore on your smartphone.

Thank you guys for reading my review today about the game Dragon Quest Of The Stars and see you in the next game review.

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