JP Review - Is The Fishing Clash Worth Playing ?

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Hello gamers in hive blockchain, today's second review is the fishing clash game, which of you has a hobby of fishing? Certainly very enjoyable fishing and must require extra patience waiting for your bait to be eaten.

Well, for those of you who like fishing, this fishing clash game is perfect for entertaining you in your free time, because this game has very realistic visual graphics, plus a very easy gameplay that makes you feel at home playing this fishing clash game.


I will review some interesting features of this fishing clash game, the rating of this game is very good, which is 4.7 with reviews from very positive users making this game a game of the week, almost 45 anglers have already downloaded this game and you are wrong one later.

What is the most interesting feature in this fame fishing clash? A pretty good clan system makes this game very popular with mobile game special players, you can make clans and fish together, interact with fellow clan members around the world.


The second is the PVP feature, in my opinion this feature is very interesting and makes me want to review this game, how can the fishing game use the PVP feature, if you play this PVP feature, you have to catch as many fishes as possible and catch as much as possible to defeat your opponent you.

With 3D graphics that are very realistic, making you very comfortable playing this game, after you catch a few fish, you can see the fish you catch in a large aquarium clearly and well, these points are your reference to download this game.


You can take part in this exciting tournament, win the game, get the trophy and show that you are a reliable fisherman, right?

Every day you will be given events and challenges so you don't feel bored, finish the event and get good gear for your fishing gear, clan and solo events are also available every day.


There are many fishing spots that you can go to, dozens of islands are available for you who want to collect unique and large fish, each island consists of several different fish, this game is really very worthy for you to play.

If you want to play fishing clash game, just download it in the appstore or playstore from your smartphone, that's all for my review today, give your opinion in the comments column, see you in the next game review.

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