JP Review - Is The Forza Street Worth Playing ?

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Hello gamers in hive blockchain, today I will review a racing game that has been much discussed by mobile players, this game is Forza Street, is this game worthy of you to play? here I will review some of the features and gameplay of forza street.

Forza street game takes gameplay by not using steering, but only tap and hold for acceleration, then you can release the tap to brake, if you want to pass the enemy, you must use the tap and hold strategy.


By using a good angle camera, making your gameplay is not boring, besides that it is supported with pretty good graphics, realistic cars that look very luxurious and a fairly complete car makes you eager to buy and upgrade to be faster.

You can play several racing modes provided, such as campaigns that you can play, from episodes 1 to 4, each episode has 6 events, of which you can get a pretty good car.


Each car has a different star rating, you can also remodel anything, consisting of engines and cosmetics to beautify your racing car, use your luck to get a car with a 3 to 5 star rating.

If you have a lot of cars, and after seeing all your cars in a private garage, you can collect cars with a maximum limit of 0/69. Forza streem also provides top up services to use your chance of getting a high rating car.


This game has been downloaded more than 80k user appstore with a rating of 4.5, is this game worth playing? The answer is, yes this game is very feasible to play for those of you who like the racing genre.


Thank you to all of you who have read my review of the forza street game, give your comments below and see you next game review.

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