JP Review - Is The GrimValor Worth Playing ?

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Yoo Hello gamers in hive blockchain, today's review is a little different from usual, because if you want to play this game, you have to buy around $ 5 at the appstore, I will review the grimvalor game and whether this game is worth buying and playing.

If you glimpse the video of this game, surely you don't think that this game is a mobile game, I am like that too, this game is really, really fantastic and as if I don't believe that this game is a mobile game, with the hack and slash genre, This game managed to get a rating of 4.8 and almost the average viewer chooses a 5 star.


Grimvalor has gotten some very good awards, one of which is the game of the year 2018 on the iOS version of the reddit game. The developer of this game, Direlight, doesn't stop there, updating is the most important thing so that players don't feel bored when finishing the game.

Not too many features provided by Direlight, only some 3D graphics that make you crazy about this game, a very brutal fighting style with hack and slash, very good touch control accuracy makes you very comfortable when doing battle.


There will be many obstacles that you have to face, darkness always haunts your battle, kill whatever attacks you using the weapons provided, upgrade your gear to make it stronger and explore everything in the Grimvalor map, every few maps, you will meet a merchants who are ready to help your trip.

How about the gameplay of this game? Yes, this game uses a hack and slash system that allows you to move freely, dodge and jump. Learn each enemy move to make it easier for you to avoid and damage the enemy.


The level system also greatly affects your character, try to level up as high as possible, because this game is a single player, so you just play alone and explore all the kingdom of valor. Find good equipment from ordinary bosses and enemies, upgrade and make your character as strong as possible.

Grimvalor doesn't need a lot of time, you can play anytime and anywhere without an internet connection, I think this game is worth buying and playing, give your comments about this game.


Thank you for reading the review about Grimvalor and see you in the next game review.

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