JP Review - Is The Guardian Tales Worth Playing ?

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Hello gamers in hive blockchain, the second review for today is classic rpg games like Suikoden, ragnarok and other classic rpg games, do you like classic rpg games? If you like it, then we both like this game.

Guardian Tales is a classic RPG created by Cocoa Games for those of you who like classic rpg, with classic graphics making those who play this game feel nostalgic in 2000s.


With good Guardian Tales Rating, gameplay that is not boring, solving puzzles to get to the next place, looking for treasures and characters, you must be obliged to play this game, here I will review the features of the game Guardian Tales.

Puzzle solving gameplay is the mainstay feature of this game, you have to find a way to get to the next place, such as lifting a big rock, sliding, throwing and most likely you can get hidden treasure in that place.


Just like rpg in general, you have to use strategies to fight enemies or bosses, avoiding, jumping and stabbing is the best strategy to fight big bosses or ordinary enemies.

Challenge bosses in every dark to get new heroes, be careful of very dangerous bosses, use your strategy to defeat the boss and get some good rewards.


Guardian Tales also has a PVP feature, winning and getting rewards is your goal, if you continue to get successive wins, your ranking will continue to rise and be feared by other players.

Another interesting feature is that you can create a guild and gather together with your friends and relatives from all over the world, make your guild house as comfortable as possible for your guild members, find members and share with each other.


There are many more features of this game, such as stories, missions, quests, events and rewards that you can play in this game, do not ever be lazy to complete everything, because basically, rpg games require quite a lot of time.

Thank you to those of you who have read the second day's review of the classic rales guardian tales, give your opinion about this game, see you in the next review.

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