JP Review - Is The INSIDE Worth Playing ?

7개월 전


Hello gamers in hive blockchain, in this second review I will give you recommendations for puzzle games that are enough to make you think hard to find a way out.

If you play Limbo, of course you should try this game inside, because there are many requests from fans inside who want to play on the mobile platform, Playdead Studio presents this game on mobile.


With similar gameplay, making this game very attractive to arcade / puzzle lovers, it has been downloaded more than 50k iphone users with a rating of 3.5 making this game desirable.

Told there was a boy who got lost in a project of darkness with a high level of security, you as a boy must find a way out by solving riddles that are very difficult, I can say, this game is really really hard.


Inside has also won an award from Apple as Apple's best design, with 2D graphics making this game get a 10/10 score from IGN. Nearly 100 awards have been won by this Limbo Creator game.

I highly recommend this game for those of you who want to try a puzzle game with quite heavy challenges, you will feel a different feel when you play this game.


Not too much that I will review from this game, because the gameplay is very simple and perfect, making this game very worthy for you to play, thank you for those of you who have read reviews about Inside, see you next game review.

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