JP Review - Is The Mario Kart Tour Worth Playing ?

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Hello gamers in hive blockchain, today's review is a racing game that uses the mario bros character, Mario Kart Tour. This game is very popular among mobile racing game lovers, because this game ranks number 2 for the racing genre in the appstore.

Mario Kart Tour has been downloaded by more than 100k users and got a rating of 4.6 in the appstore, I have played this game and it is really very exciting, you should be obliged to try this game if you like car games with racing genre.


Not much I will review in this game, because the game is quite simple, you only need to be number 1 in the race and use a few traps to be able to bring down your opponent.

Multiplayer is already available in the Mario Kart Tour game, you can play this game together with friends, relatives or family, every victory you achieve, get some rewards and coins to shop at the shop.


Mario Kart Tour can be played in landscape or portrait mode, isn't it good? With supported graphics that are pretty good, making this game the most downloaded.

With a variety of map choices, making you never get bored, dozens of characters that you can collect, get badges, karts and others are your goals in playing this game.


There are several kinds of traps given, in the form of bombs, mines and also shots, aiming for the first position so that you can be the first to finish.

Thank you to all of you who have read reviews about Mario Kart Tour, this game is very worth playing and give your opinion in the comments column, see you in the next game review.

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