JP Review- Is The Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Worth Playing ?

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Hello gamers in hive blockchain, on the second review today I got a request from one of my gamers friends, I happen to be in a good mood today, so I will review about this game. Which gamers don't know Ragnarok? Yes this game is very famous in its era, back to the nostalgic era, now you can play this game on the iOS or Android platforms.

This game used to have graphics that could be considered very bad, but as time passed, Ragnarok graphics got better with the presence of good developers who took this game, I will discuss some good features that you might be interested in playing on mobile.


Ragnarok eternal love gets a very good rating, with a rating of 4.1 and has been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of users on the iOS platform or on Android. Gravity interactive has succeeded in making this ragnarok game very famous in Indonesia, with the classic mmorpg style as before.

Now ragnarok eternal love is doing the latest event, while bringing a new character, that character is Luo who, I will not discuss this character, other than that, the latest update is graphics improvisation and 3D diving which is very good in fighting.


The feature that makes it very easy for you to play this game is Auto play, this feature is almost all in mobile MMORPG, because me and you also feel tired and tired if there is no autoplay feature, but for some players, this autoplay feature is very boring and looks more easy, maybe because the player has often played mmorpg on the PC console.

The next feature is, ragnarok has stamina combat, this feature makes you unable to play continuously, you will be given 900 combat stakina, if you continue to play this game, then your stamina combat will continue to decrease, around 2-3 your stamina combat will be fully loaded. What other functions are stamina combat? If your combat stamina is low, your experience and drop loot will be even less.


The mission board feature has been provided for those of you who want to find more experience besides hunting / grinding. This feature allows you to level up quickly, each mission board consists of missions that you can take, there are 3 types of missions that can take, the first daily quest, optional quest and the last mission board.

Well, maybe this feature is a little annoying from other features, why? Because your main exp will be limited, if your exp has reached the maximum, eat on the same day you can't play this game anymore, this feature that makes you have to take a break and play this game again tomorrow. Another way to add to the main exp is, you can buy premium by top up.


The next feature that is very bad in this game is, you can get strong and epic gear by using the Gatcha system, a little lack of this game that is, pay to win is a shortcut to become the strongest in this game.

The feature that really makes the game pay to win this game is to buy Zeny using real money, zeny is the currency in ingame, you can buy it using real money.


Now that's a little explanation of the features of this game, there are those who argue that this game is not worth playing, but there are also those who think that this game is worth playing, what do you think? You decide.

Thank you for those of you who have read the reviews about the game Ragnarok eternal love and see you in the following game reviews on my blog hive.

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