JP Review - Is The Sniper 3D Assasin Worth Playing ?

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Hello gamers and all community in hive blockchain, today's game review is a little different from before, shooter game is my choice today for my review, thank you for those who have read some of my game reviews about casual game Angry Bird Dream Blast and Coin Master.

Sniper 3D Assassin is a mobile game with shooting genre, quite popular also in the appstore or in the playstore, enough to make you want to play this game between your free time, 3D sniper is very easy to play, because you only follow the storyline and the farther the stage you play, the more difficult you have to aim at the enemy, here I will review some important points from the Sniper 3D Assassin car game.

Graphics and effects

For graphics, sniper 3d has pretty good pictures, for a class of mobile games, sniper 3d doesn't make you hurt, the effects of long-range sniper shots are quite real, making you feel at home to play this game, the same thing as elite sniper on PC or on the console, 3D sniper also gives the effect of a bullet through the body that you aim at.


The weapon

Well, this part is a bit difficult, because weapons really determine this game, make sure you have to collect money to upgrade weapons better than before, because there are times you have to replace your weapons with better ones, for example like damage you need must be larger, ample ammunition and weapon accessories.


Sniper 3D has a very simple gameplay, you have to look for enemies around the building or residential area, you will be given instructions, for example, like someone holding a suitcase, or someone with the characteristics of a black shirt.

In addition, you must aim at enemies who are holding hostages from behind, kill all enemies in the area and there are many more challenges that you have to face, the further you go through each challenge, the more difficult your challenges going forward.


Is this game worth playing?

If you like shooter games and don't want to be complicated, this mobile game is perfect for you to play, I don't recommend you to buy the services provided by the 3D Sniper game, for fun this game might be the choice, if you want to play the game this, can be directly downloaded in the appstore or play store on your smartphone.

Thank you to all of you who have read reviews about the Sniper 3D assassin mobile game and see you in the next game review.

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