JP Review - Is The Zooba Arena Worth Playing ?

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Hello gamers in hive blockchain, today's review I will explain the game from Wildlife Studios with a pretty good rating of 4.5 with an average of very good user reviews.

This game is very interesting, because it takes the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battleground Arena) system and takes cute animated animal characters, supported by good animations and graphics, making this game interesting for me to review today.


Zooba consists of 45 people in a large enough map, with a total of about 15 animal characters that you can use, you can get these characters by buying diamonds by topping up and you can get characters from treasure.

Each character has different equipment and skills, make sure you install the equipment correctly and you should look for equipment with rare or higher strength levels.


At the beginning of the game you will be given a tutorial on how to play zooba games, not too difficult in my opinion, because if you have played other MOBA games, then you will get used to playing zooba games.

The leaderboard system has also been provided by the zooba game, you have to look for trophies and win as many games as possible to get trophies, if you collect as many as 1200 trophies, then you will be given a pretty good reward equip.


You must focus on one character first to raise a level, because if your character level is small, then your equipment and skills will not open, if you have reached level 10, then you can use 4 skills.

Survival is the key to victory in the zooba game, just like the pubg and other moba games, you have to survive until you live alone, if you win the fight, then you will get a trophy and reward.


Is this game worth playing? Yes this game is very decent, because zooba is very different from other moba games, cute animal character animations make this game not look boring, thank you for reading this review, see you in the next game review.

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