BTC - The fastest to a Trillion...


A trillion dollars is a big number, it took bitcoin a little over a decade to get there

We all have heard about the most valuable companies in the world and how successful they have been over the years.

The Apple's, Google's, and Amazon's of the world etc, they are all trillion dollar companies....

But, it took them a lot longer to get there than it has taken bitcoin.

Check it out:



It took BTC a little over a decade to do what it took Apple 4 decades to do.

This stat doesn't mean all that much, but it's a fun talking point.

Eventually, bitcoin may be worth something like $10 trillion, or $100 trillion as it's an entire asset class while the others are simply companies.

Mostly American based companies at that.

Buckle up, the ride has just begun for bitcoin.

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I guess Coinbase would have made more money by just investing in Bitcoin but clearly they helped build the ecosystem out so it is hard to kind of say that for sure. Obviously we saw what happened with Tesla making more on their Bitcoin investment than them making cars for all that time. lol

Truly hyped with this amazing progress

Ahaha... This reminds me that I should have done some investing of my lunch money back in high school in 1975

Yes bitcoin is getting better and I strongly believe it will become more than before. Nice post @jondoe.

I bet there will be a company that the market capitalization reaches within 6 years.