For anyone that thinks Bitcoin can never replace Fiat

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Just remember horses and cars

Yes bitcoin has a long ways to go to ever replace fiat and be used for every day payments, but it can happen.

For those of you that don't think it can, do you remember when cars first came out?

Of course you don't because you weren't alive back then.

But when cars first came out people said they were nice but they would never actually catch on and replace horses.

Well, now not only have cars replaced horses, but horses ride in them:


And we aren't even talking vans here.

People just load em up in vans and take em for a trip!

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Imagine the smell of your car.


Yea no bueno.

I couldn't agree more.

Awesome explanation with horses, I loved it!


Yeah. I really laughed for some time.

Good Stuff @jondoe. This reminds me of this video Andreas Antonopoulos did a few weeks ago. Bitcoin and the Coming Infrastructure Inversion.

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The buggy whip makers went bust as they would not adapt to the headlights heading right at them.


I strongly believe many people are still ignorant of the great potential in Bitcoin. And they will be surprised when Bitcoin will finally take the world by storm