In 2017 terms, bitcoin is still only around $3k


Believe it or not, in 2017 terms, bitcoin has a long ways to go still

We love to try and figure out when the top of the bitcoin rally might be and at what price.

Digging deeper into that, we can see that bitcoin is basically around $3k based on what happened back in 2017.

Check it out:



If that is indeed the case, we could be looking at roughly 6x from the current price.

That would be almost $360k per coin.

I'm not expecting that large of a number, but this goes to show what is possible.

It's going to be an exciting next couple of months!

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As I understand it, it is traditional that the first quarter of the year the currencies go down a little and then gain momentum, this year instead of going down they have been going up, and if they have gone up in the bad months imagine what is to come.

When is the best time for top price this year?! When will another bug correction take place?

Thanks for sharing.

That sounds good man.

The future indeed bright

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