The STEEM chart looks like it's getting ready for a Moon Shot!


It's hard not to think STEEM's about to do something crazy looking at this chart...

Looking at an all-time chart of STEEM and it looks like it is about to do something silly.

Check it out:



To me this chart looks like it's setting up to challenge and eventually take out those old all time highs.

That would be a price north of $9 per coin.

Sounds crazy, but with so many other coins at or near all time highs, why can't STEEM be there as well?

Buckle up, it could get crazy over the next couple months!

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You are very correct; back then in 2018 December Steem experienced all time $8 high so this time around let hope Steem bull beyond imagination again this time around..

Thanks for share.


Totally agree, there are coins that have gone up to 5x their all time highs, STEEM hasn't even reached theirs yet which says that this is just beginning. We don't believe how far a coin can go until we see it there, and I'm sure STEEM is going to far exceed expectations.

Spot on ,but i think the $9 mark will take some time.

How quickly we forget, just 5 months ago (Nov. 2020) Steem was trading at $0.13. Today Steem is trading 10x that. Therefor Steem has kept up with Bitcoin, and even outperformed many other tokens. Let's hope for we pass the moon and head to Mars! Go Steem :)


Yes good point. We are 10x the lows. Would like to see 20-30x those lows!

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