Mimir, Odin's ambassador | Norse mythology | My journey in God of War (PS4)

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We follow the Nordic journey in God of war and the truth gets better and better. It is true that Nordic mythology is adapted to the game, narrated in an exquisite way. This time we have met Mimir, who according to the Nordic mythology is Odin's ambassador to all the kingdoms.

He was Odin's maternal uncle and guardian of the sources of wisdom, located in the roots of Yggdrasil. At the time he refused Odin to drink from these sources. Odin had to negotiate and offer him one of his eyes. source translated from Spanish

According to mythology, Mimir's head was cut off to be in Odin's possession and this was because of his great knowledge about all things. Mimir knows all things real and possible, of course Odin collects weapons and rare objects, it was not surprising that he wanted to have it.

In God Of War things have changed a bit, Mimir is still omniscient and with great knowledge, but guess who is leading the head? Yes, Kratos, and Mimir offers to help you in exchange for his release from being a prisoner of Odin, who has tortured him for 109 years. We'll cut off his head and have this speaker tell us super interesting things about the Nordic mythology and it's all about the game.

Even in battle, Mimir's head helps you, warning you of an attack from behind, revealing an important story that you literally stop touching the control and just listen. It is with Mirmir that many important things are revealed and his knowledge will be of great help to continue in this adventure.

After a few hours with Mimir's head, I can say I understand why Odin, in Norse mythology, has it. If you're wondering how the head speaks after it's been cut off, a witch revives it with a spell. My journey in God Of War is not over yet, but I love the way Nordic mythology is narrated, making me investigate and compare it to reality. To be continued...

The images are screenshots taken directly from the game.

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