A better way to value Bitcoin...

2개월 전

Why are we pricing BTC against something that is losing value, perhaps there's a better way...

While people have claimed for years, things should be priced in bitcoin, and while that isn't quite realistic just yet, there are some other options out there that are better than using dollars.

Some have suggested using gold, which makes a lot of sense due to its ability to hold up against the dollar.

However, there is potentially even more useful and REAL measures to measure bitcoin.

Take this for one example:


(Source: https://twitter.com/binance/status/1375794819000328197/photo/1)

People love their ramen noodles, and we can see very clearly how we can buy a heck of a lot more of them with the same amount of bitcoin over time.

We could now buy a whole warehouse full of these things!

Keep in mind that they are technically also priced in dollars, but the dollar value of these things goes up over time due to the dollar losing value over time.

In terms of bitcoin, they stay the same.

The really neat thing is that another decade from now it will take multiple decades to hold all the ramen you we be able to buy. :)

Stay informed my friends.


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I like this idea

However, i see two big problems:

One is that there really will not be a good, easily recognizable picture of "bitcoin in 2022"

The second is, this is what many ramen shelves look like today:


Haha yes there is that as well...

It's a good demonstration. The college students will get the picture. lol


They love them some ramen!

This is a great way to value bitcoin.

Eventually there won't be enough Ramen in the world to value bitcoin, ok that may be a bit extreme.

I also like the cheeseburger measure as well.