Another day and another Bitcoin ETF filing


There are now 9 Bitcoin ETF filings out there waiting for SEC decisions...

At some point one of these things are going to get through.

With a new SEC head, I would assume one of these things get through sooner rather than later.

Though I don't think the new SEC head has actually been confirmed just yet.

Today we got another filing for a BTC ETF, this time from Galaxy:



This is another big name and joins the likes of Fidelity, Goldman, VanEck, and a number of other household names as it relates to ETF products.

These are the big boys.

I have to assume eventually one gets through, possibly as soon as this year.

When that happens maybe several get approved all at once...

That would be the catalyst that sends bitcoin to the moon.

Stay informed my friends.


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It is absurd that one hasn't been approved yet. One of the only reasons I hold any Bitcoin is because of the potential of an ETF