Bitcoin may technically only be 4 months into the Bull Market, with many more months to come

2개월 전

Bitcoin may have quite a bit of runway left to go

If we look at the past bull markets, we can see that bitcoin isn't likely near the top, yet.

Eventually bitcoin will top out and correct by a significant amount, possibly up to 80% again, however, the past says we aren't at that point yet.

The bull market in 2017 lasted roughly 17 months from the time of the halving in July of 2016 to the top in December of 2017.

If we apply that same time frame to now, we would be looking at a top around October of this year.

If you also factor in how bitcoin has tended to top out in December during these cycles, this cycle may even stretch until December, which would make 2 months longer than the prior cycle.

If we apply those same numbers to now, we have anywhere from 6-9 months of bull market left ahead of us still.

PlanB thinks we are just getting started as well:



He's bullish mostly based on the halving cycles I mentioned above.

Stay informed my friends.


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This guy is as bullish as they come.

He's been right so often I don't blame him.

Eventually this thing will fail, but not anytime soon.

Stock to flow for the win!