Looks like the really fun part of the BTC cycle is about to begin

27일 전

The stage is set, the bags are packed, now it's ready to fly

When comparing the current bitcoin bull market to the one in 2017, it looks like the really fun part is about to begin.

Based on the length of the moves, we are approaching the period where the price really accelerated higher the last time.

Check it out:


(Source: https://twitter.com/filbfilb/status/1381212105186107393)

If we see that again now we are looking at bitcoin hitting roughly $200k in the next several months.

That sound crazy when the price is having trouble breaking and holding $60k currently, but you never know.

Once the momentum gets going it really kind of fees on itself.

Higher highs and buying begets buying.

Will it play out again now? We are about to find out...

Stay informed my friends.


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Excelente!! 🚀

Great position for BTC

BTC is really coming to the pool. I pray men see it now

This is completely insane! "Going to the Moon they!", they said. It looks like next galaxy is approaching quickly...

Thanks for the info, namaste :)