MicroStrategy buys another $15 million BTC at $59k per...


MSTR isn't afraid to buy the highs, maybe you shouldn't be either

Bitcoin continues to hang tough just below $160k, thanks in part to companies like MSTR continuing to buy more and more.

In a filing this morning MSTR announced they bought another $15 million worth of BTC at $59k.

Check it out:


(Source: https://twitter.com/michael_saylor/status/1379042960994668548)

This purchase brings their total to a shade under 92k bitcoin total.

The average purchase price of those bitcoin is a shade over $24k.

MSTR is going to continue to buy bitcoin as long as the company continues to generate it, sounds like a pretty good sink for bitcoin to me!

Stay informed my friends.


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This keeps getting better. Bitcoin is gradually getting the adoption it deserves.

If these companies believe that it is still time for BTC, it means that they know that the price will continue to rise