SBDs and STEEM are soaring!




We've seen this before!

SBDs are currently well over $10 and looking for more.

The chart looks like it's going to test and possibly take out the old all time highs for SBDs.

Check it out:



While things are a lot different with STEEM now than it was back in late 2017, there is a lot more money sloshing around the crypto ecosystem, with bitcoin being more than triple what it was back then.

With so much money sloshing around, I would not be surprised to see SBDs take out those old all time highs.

It's tough to tell what those highs were but I do remember seeing the price briefly around $20 per SBD.

The way things are going right now, we may break that as soon as this weekend or next week.

Historically these large moves up in SBDs preceded large moves up in STEEM as well, which is something to keep an eye on.

Keep in mind that last time we saw this these really high numbers didn't last forever and were only at those levels for several weeks before trending back down.

Will this time be different?

We shall see...

Stay informed my friends.


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This is very good news!!!!


now if we only had a non broken keychain extension that didnt make us click 5 times to upvote lol. just fucking pay hive devs their 25 M steem back and @stoodkev will fix keychainhaha or just get steem a scatter or ANCHOR wallet i mean @jesta is right here he made @greymass we can have vessel sign transactions we REALLY need steem to just be its own app

i mean come on man lets fix steem's infrastructure and pay @dan larimer to come back and bring is wordproof @steempress system back for NFTs on WAX and steem and EOSTEEM steem EOSIO blah blah blah blah

elon musk grimes @appics telos there @hellotelos

steem smart contracts

get the TRX out of steem and bring it fully to EOS and telos or all 3 fuck it

bring trx ethereum eos and telos to steem fuck it just fuck it all mix it all up and clal up Israel! we got a new global financial system to unleash on the world like King Solomon controlling all the demons of the temple lol

every steem engien token a magic talisman LETS PUMP STEEM ENGINE TOKENS, ALL OF THEM


This is really great. Thanks @jrcornel for updating☺☺☺


its like were always stuck in second gear

but Ill be theer for you

when steem is there for us too

Ill be there for you

cuz steem is there for me too


Thank you☺☺☺

On our way to $1,000


sadly yes hah. should have kept more steem less hive i guess damn haha. i say that trying to piss hive haha, liek trump at the obama dinner haha

HIVE STEEM PRICE WAR , the NEW COLD WAR east vs west vs singapore hahaha

$1000 steem



Steem and steemit community roaring again! We didn't die and we won't, for sure! :)

If lately the market has had ups and downs but in the last month 70% of cryptocurrencies have increased in value, who was going to say that on December 23 of last year the steem fell to $ 0.125 and is currently at 1.22 $ an increase of 1000%. This crypto world is crazy.

I will have to make some adjustments to my publication with the new calculation of the SBD ..

We are nowhere at the ATH. There is a long road ahead :-)

Excellent report and sharp eye. Thanks. Keep up the good work

  ·  지난달

Nobody asking why? What changed? Personally I believe it happening thanks to the craze. All social tokens on Coingecko are flying this month.

Well, with a curve that steep and the SBD reaching passed the point of our old record, plus our cryptocurrency world taking over loads of fiat, I'd say we're in for some seriously steep new records that will last for months. Let's see what happens and chat about this over the following months. ;)

Thanks for the info, keep on taking good care and namaste :)

Waiting for steem to fly like rocket 🚀

Reconozco seguir en pañales en este tema.

Things will be very different this time round, there is no group of purists aggressively pushing the price down to try to maintain a peg around $1


Nicely worded. $100 SBD? :)

Mil gracias por la información y por compartir con todos.
Es bastante útil para muchos de nosotros.

Yes, it sure will be different! Thanks for the information.

It's time for STEEM to fly.

That is exciting! I have been off this platform for about a year now and haven't paid any attention to the price of anything tied to this platform, when I saw this post it got me really excited to see Steemit is making a great comeback!!

Now that pro-HIVE, anti-STEEM people have stopped dumping value of STEEM, it can really go to the moon... I'm seriously considering buying more STEEM again now that the trend is upward...

Gotta love end of crypto winter... I made almost 1000 USD in a single day because of good luck...


Did you buy that STEEM yet?


Nope... I need to sell some alts for LTC and then move LTC to exchange to buy STEEM.

Looks like the rally is just beginning. The gains are holding.

Looking for a solid move over $1.30 in the coming days. Past history says we go over $2 within the next 2 weeks.

honestly I have been shocking after I saw how nicely it was growing. I wouldn't expect that