Stocks haven't actually gone up as much as you think...


Stocks are up a ton over the last several decades, but are they really?

In absolute terms, stocks have been a great investment.

They just keep going up.

However, when you overall their returns over the FED balance sheet and then price the stock market in terms of the balance sheet things look a lot different.

You get barely any returns at all.

Check it out:



Looking at this it looks like stocks have barely outpaced the increase in money supply.

While that might sound terrible on first glance, keep in mind that not everything on the FED's balance sheet actually impacts the broader economy, IE it doesn't actually go out into the economy and cause inflation.

So, while this still isn't a great chart, it's not as bad as some will tell you.

Either way, bitcoin blows this chart out of the water, it's been the best way to beat money supply inflation.

Stay informed my friends.


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Interestingly enough, I read yesterday that in the past 5 months more money went into "investments and the stock market" than the last 12 years... I figure, loads of it is actually going right into the cryptospheres!?! ;)

Namaste :)