The really big move is coming...


A highly followed indicator says the really big move in BTC is around the corner...

If you thought bitcoin going to $60k+ was a really big move, wait until you see what comes next...

The Realized HODL ratio, which is a measure/indicator that has accurately predicted previous tops when it gets to a certain level is at the same level that bitcoin was at back in 2017...

At a price of about $3k-$4k.

Check it out:



It's track record is 3 for 3 thus far.

If we use the same price and data from the last bull market and extrapolate it over to the current one, where bitcoin went up roughly 5x this price...

We would be looking at a price of around $300k or so by the time this thing peaks.

This yet another indicator indicating that the price still needs to go a lot higher before we eventually peak if we are to continue following past patterns.

It's hard to wrap my head around a $300k BTC price within the next 12 months, but that's what history and this chart say is coming next.

Stay informed my friends.


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$300000.00 Per BTC that is something I dream about since 2017.
After you disappeared from Hive, I am glad that I have found you here. I really like your articles and found them extremely informative and interesting.
Now I can stay informed. 😌 thanks Doc.


Thank you, I'm glad you find them interesting!

Lol I hope not.. I shorted BTC at 56k just before the last spike, it was supposed to be a short short and ended up being a hodl.. At least I have some BTC so im fine either way.


Yep, sounds like you are hedged.

Yeah let's take our gain

Yes bitcoin has had just the right amount of pullbacks now and with last Friday's options expiring the governor is off.


Yep, it's all systems go right now!

You can also see that in the 1-day chart you can see how it will exceed the previous maximum, I see 65k as a probable price for two weeks from now so if it reaches 57k before taking off the idea is to buy

It is hard for me to believe $300,000 BTC as well. I'm not banking on that. Only counting on $80,000 over here but will always have my Moon bags packed encase as always! Looking for all my alts to play massive catchup on the X factors. 20X and 100X bangers....then we ball out on a level no one has ever seen before!


Haha works for me!

It's getting closer by the day.

The move that rocks everyone to sleep then explodes.

Looks like we are getting ready for the next leg.