StemmMonster Session End Of The Day Share My Card


Hey, Hivers

What Are Your Doing Toady! I hope All are Well Please Gyes

You all have to deal with the epidemic of the virus.

Because if you go out of the house, you can be infected with the virus. Don't Go outside the house If there Is no need

Now Please Stay Home & Stay Safe

Toady I'm Share My SteemMonster Session End Of the Day Card

card 1.PNG

You Look Up All Card Common This Is Very Bad You Know But I need Same Gold Legendary card

Well, Next I'm showing anther Card Session Card. I got 1 legendary card 1 Rear card and all Common Card.
basically Next Update steemmonster that why never I got any Good Card
But I allows Hard Work to need a Good card.

card 3.PNG

What is SteemMonster:

SteemMonster is an online gaming platform, where you can earn money by playing games. And be able to enjoy gaming fun.


My Gaming Profile:

Everyone can come and see my SteemMonster gaming Profile, My Rank, my current position.

How many cards have I received this season?

I have given these cards to be completely free of charge as per my rating. Thanks to SteemMonster. Today I received 50 cards.

card 2.PNG

Now Let Me share My Received Card Everything

card 4.PNG

dec 1.PNG

  • Common card 20
  • Rare card 0 1
  • Epic card 00
  • Legendary 01
  • Gold card 00
  • ORBS 0 0
  • DEC 223

dec 2.PNG

This My Anther Position Dec ETC

dec 3.PNG

The feeling of getting a card goal :

Thank you for the cards I received. after a Long Time before Satisfied I got 1 Legendary Card. But this season and my condition are very bad. I got DEC tokens in all the cards. And got Epic. But did not get any gold card or legendary card.
Anyway, at least I didn't go down without explaining myself first.

Everyone will pray for me.

Now Let Me Introduce myself


Name: Mohammad Juwel Khan
Career: Student
Experience: I love writing blogs, I love collecting pictures of nature, I love to travel more
Country: Bangladesh
Age: 21

Thank You so Much for reading My Blog Please Support Me


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Thanks you much brother 🖤