Today End Of splinterlands Session card Sharing My Card



What's are You Doing Toady ? I think Everything Is Good Oh Yes I'm Also Fine.I Hope all you are staying at because it's very Important for Protect Your Save Life from Voiras. Please stay at home for your Family's

Well Now I'm sharing a splinterlands Beautiful blog about 5 months later, before 5 months Okah.I promise to me I'm uploading splinterlands blog. Please Pray For Me I Will try to be regular again & again
Now I'm sharing my splinterlands season end cards and It's Good Or Bad

I have Simply my cards but I'm Trying Best Game Playing, And Earn small dec in, @juwel2018 but with my skills i touch gold posstion this time. So I Got 22 cards. It's Very Bad Tims had got cards daily by completing my quests. I know my luck is bad.but I haven't stopping playing,i just change my account to check my lucky Card.This are those 22 cards i have got this time. I haven't time to playing

I have got 7 cards
Of them -
:)Epic 0
:)Rare 2
:)Common 5
No except those cards, Unfortunately I have got


289 dec

Orb .No
And No. Orb Lucky

Worth it's about of card 0.130$

Basecally, My season cards end of time worth is 0.2$ and cards value 260+ dec
And orb worth is 0.130$

Total worth of my season end cards is about 0.130$

(Am i Cheerful with this?)

To be honestly i'm not.But i haven't become hopeless yet.I am hopeful enough to get good cards. That's why i haven't stopped playing yet. You can see my splinterlands profile. See i am active .

If you see the picture, You know this time i don't need to write about this.

Otherwise, i play games when i am free time . You can see it is a fancy of my mine. If my fancy can give me same of money,then why i will not be happy? But everyone do expect something I don't but it's more think like that . And we are Human. We are not happy and we do not become Cheerful .Anyway i have get in my luck.
Thanks @splinterlands to make my part time costly.
(About me)

Name : Mohammad Juwel Khan
Career : Student
Experience : I love writing blogs, I love collecting pictures of nature, I love to travel more
Country : Bangladesh
Age : 21

Thank You so Much for reading My Blog Please Support Me

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