FLETA Wallet Street, A Cryptocurrency Social Data Platform

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Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, is now more popular than ever and it’s not seen as simple ‘fake’ money anymore. People, businesses, enterprises and even banks are interested in cryptos. There are thousands of new blockchain-based projects being built right now. It’s not hard to find businesses accepting some sort of crypto payment method.

If you own any cryptocurrency, you know the importance of storing your funds safely. There are hundreds of crypto wallets out there and it is definitely not an easy task to pick one as they all offer different features. For one, your own personal wallet is always going to be safer than storing your funds in a crypto exchange. There have been numerous hacks even on popular exchanges and it has been proven that it is simply not a safe storing method.

When it comes to safety only, your best bet is always going to be some sort of cold wallet. A paper wallet is regarded as the safest method to store your funds but has a lot of disadvantages if you are planning on using your crypto regularly.

Meet The Wallet Street


FLETA, a blockchain-based platform focused on technological innovation and support for decentralized applications, has built an innovative and smooth wallet that offers dozens of new features.

The Wallet Street is free and anyone can use it, it has an API integration with most popular exchanges like Binance, Upbit and others. Its main mission is to solve a few problems encountered in traditional crypto wallets, mainly the difficulty of managing assets on different exchanges.

If you are a crypto enthusiast or a trader, you probably have 5-10 different crypto exchange accounts right now. Each exchange has support for only a few cryptocurrencies and there are thousands, if you are looking to buy a wide variety of cryptos, you will need to open a lot of accounts on different exchanges.

When you have so many accounts, it’s tough to manage or even check how your assets are performing, in fact, you could even forget about some of them. That’s why the Wallet Street allows users to connect to the wallet through an API which is available on most popular exchanges.

FLETA plans to add support for more exchanges in the near future, something that will allow users to easily connect all their accounts in one place and easily check their assets.

An additional problem that the Wallet Street is intending to solve is the ability of anonymous users to participate in the community without any significant sanctions. Most crypto communities allow anyone to participate which leads to hundreds of users posting scams, inciting FUD and other malicious acts.

The Wallet Street introduces a ranking system for users that is based on their total assets. Additionally, the Wallet has a verification process for users and will allow verified participants to communicate with each other in real-time. Anyone can check if the other user actually owns the token he is talking about.


Buildings on The Wallet Street

This is an innovative feature built by FLETA allowing users to ‘build’ their own buildings on their current location. Users can select a space within 1km of their current location to create a building based on the size of the assets he owns.

Other users can then visit your buildings and even leave comments. Users can also form groups with other users in order to create more and better buildings. Participants are rewarded for creating buildings, participating in group events and other upcoming events. Users are rewarded ‘Game Points’ for creating buildings depending on the size and location.

These Game Points are used to play other games within the Wallet Street as well as allowing users to promote their own content.


The Wallet Street is a fun and innovative crypto wallet that allows users to check all their assets in one place and participate in verified communities. There are a lot of plans for the future like multiple language support, an update of the user and group rankings as well as an update on how game points rewards are being sent.

The Wallet Street plans to become one of the most used wallets in the world allowing verified users to share their ideas with other communities while playing games, participating in events and most importantly, storing their funds safely.


Website: https://walletstreet.io/
Fleta website: https://fleta.io/
Medium: https://medium.com/@fletachain
Telegram: https://t.me/FLETAofficialGroup

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More information please. How is this a decentralised platform?

Fleta have come up with a great use case here, the ability to see where other wallet holders are located - it acts as a sort of social platform for users to interact with eachother (through the Fleta Telegram account). Perfect for these strange times!