Faith that human virtue machines cannot erase | Knitrias Project Week 03


This my little design related to the novel of #knitrias-project, longevity Statute.


The picture above was design on PicsArt app. I design it on my mobile phone. The picture below shown step by step how I design the above picture.

Step 1: editing of picture


Step 2: Cutting the above picture into sticker/ removing background


This stage is the final cutting


The below picture is in sticker form


Step 3: Square fit i.e add color to the background


Step 4: Applying of effect to the picture.


Step 4: Adding of sticker



The final step is add of text.


This picture above is design for #knitrias-project and reference with @LeVeuf novel longevity Statute.

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Wow, @KaySmile44!! With this post we surely learn a lot and I'm sure you've enjoyed creating this awesome tutorial!! The inspiration on the Longevity Statute and the message are wonderful!!

Thank you very much for participate in this week's challenge Branches of Longevity by the Knitrias Project Community.

I'm posting the source of the image used for this tutorial post on behalf of @KaySmile44!!

Photo by Roberto Delgado. Free use: (Source)

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It is really cool to see how you make that.


Thanks for you comment. @stever82!

Pics-art is pretty easy, but powerful really! Well done

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Great editing !

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