4 Tips Setting Up Your Home For Productive Day

6개월 전

With the emerging of work for home, many of us are not equipped with a proper office setting. it's why today I want to share some tips that have worked for me and may work for you. As usual my tips is budget friendly and won't break your bank for customizing your workspace.

Proper working space helps you get productive


The first thing to notice while setting up a working space especially in a small room is to put the table and chair facing the wall.

The second one is to get away as far as possible from bed. I find that bed can be great distraction especially if you want to get things done.

The third one is decorate your desk but keep it simple and minimalist. A friend of mine told me to integrate aspects of fengshui. If you can't afford plantation, getting a picture of nature will do.

The fourth is to set your chair aligning with your door. This is something I learned from fengshui. You should never put chair that's against the door. There is a superstition that you may steer away money and opportunity.

These are latest tips that I personally use to set up the working space in my room.

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