Do You like Studying?

6개월 전

I can already tell the answer is no. I personally enjoy reading book and exploring various field. However when it comes to actually studying I seem to despise it. Perhaps, I was arrogant enough to think I can do just fine without studying. Well, it has always been that way. I was doing fine without studying. A little effort I put would make me get an A however there are parts of me that are not satisfied with that fact. There are things that if only I put a little more effort to it would probably land me something great. But again, it's all about the what if since I am quite lazy doing so.

What if this
What if that

I have always been relying on that. I feel sorry now that I realize I have wasted my brain on doing things that don't serve me purpose. For real, I want to change my mindset about studying but it seems hard. I don't know how. Anyone would like to help me get off the high horse. I know there are plenty accomplished people out there, I just wonder if they really ever study.


My mom has always been telling me that I am not doing enough. That everyone is genius but me despite I can often rank above 2 or well in top 10. So she always gives me an idea that no matter what I do, I will never be enough or genius.

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