Revisiting Minimalism


Minimalism lifestyle was something I picked up three years ago. I can only speak the positive instead the downside from the lifestyle. It has helped me so much in life to be the person I am today but recently, something came into my attention.


Minimalism isn't something that is natural for me which means, I share plenty struggles maintaining my consistency of it. When it comes to my relationship with things, I am someone who is still drawn to buy stuff and develop attachment. When it comes to mindful habit, I still struggle maintaining them. My biggest problem is mindfulness and minimalism in my daily habit. With all the free time that I currently have, sometimes I still don't know how to allocate them properly.

This is something I realized recently that my mindful habit which I used to practice are falling apart. I no longer practice journal gratitude, taking time for myself, appreciating life. Instead, I am overspending my time to something that doesn't bring much value into my life. Which is why, I really want to learn from my old self to be more content instead of jaded.

Revisiting minimalism from my old entries is one of the way I am re-teaching myself on it. I was so passionate about the lifestyle that I intend to apply it in all aspects of my life. It turns out, some are more challenging than the others. However, this won't stop me from learning to be a minimalist again.


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Fantastic! So rerelatable... Unfortunately"I am overspending my time to something that doesn't bring much value into my life" right now, since weeks. And at this point it's very very hard to change this habbit. oops!