The Black Dog- Short Fiction

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" It's not rocket science !" said Jacob from across the table.

" Well, I know it's not. I have been trying to finish it off from the past three months. Three fucking months." said Jane while putting her head on the table.

" Get your shit together Jane ! "

Jane sighed as she watched Jacob left the dining table. It had been like that for several weeks. They got on a heated argument almost every night. It was either Jane left the house unkept, forgotten to lock her apartment and so many things that seemed mundane yet she failed to follow through.

She didn't even realized how many weeks had it been since she last saw the sun light. Every day, she would woke up, sat quietly before bed and sighed. Her dark circles grew bigger and she could saw strands of hair on the floor. Even as far as eyes could see, there was only pile of boxes from the takeaway orders.


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Jacob visited every now and then. He lived next door from Jane. He felt sorry as to what happened to Jane but had she listened to him earlier, she wouldn't really be in this pit of despair. The feeling he had towards her was far more beyond anything. For him, Jane possessed a huge amount mystery to solve. Once he finally uncover her secrets,Jane turned out to be the most wholesome he'd ever met. Except Jane had a lot issues to solve. Eventually, they both created a strong support system. Jane kept Jacob sane from his tedious job at the pharmacy while Jacob kept her sane from her mind.

At first, Jacob thought she was a mercenary. But slowly he learned that she had far greater secret to keep. In her young age, she endured so much without any support. She understood how cruel world could be and kept wondering when would she got any chance to taste a bit of happiness.

Jane started to feel her life was in decline after she found out her father took his own life. She had no motivation to continue doing anything or to reach ambition in her life. " What's the point?"she said. Her father was very influential in her life. He was the reason Jane could do so much in life. " but why would he commit such coward act". He never taught Jane to live that way. He taught her to overcome any hurdles in her life without ever quitting. Standing up from bullies and upholding something that one thought was right.

Now after she was done with her escape from the reality, she had to face her own demons. She was also pressured to finish off her education that was on the brink of ending. She wished to finish everything in order to make something out of herself and made her father proud. Yet she had no energy to do it, let alone waking up in the morning.

With several weeks left, she wanted to finish it and be done with it. Jane wanted to discover what life had to offer once that challenge is over. "What would be the reward?"

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