The concept of sustainability...

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Hello Friends,I listened to an important radio talk this afternoon. The preachers were talking about sustainability. There is a lot of discussion here, but only the basic summary will be mentioned in this content. Sustainability is one of the most important concepts we have in the study of the environment. We can describe a sustainable world in which people are able to achieve economic development and make a reasonable allocation of resources, without compromising the environment through the pressure of human society on the natural systems that lead to life. When the environment is affordable, the needs of the future generation can be met without compromising the needs of the future.


Our actions can have an impact on the well-being of natural ecosystems, including all living things. Earth's resources are very limited. The cost of the environment and society can add to the cost of the products we consume, beyond the amount we pay for them. Sustainability requires the collective effort of the people.


Humans use non-renewable resources, such as fuel, for just as they are. We use renewable resources such as forests at a faster rate than natural systems can reload them.


Although Earth has only a limited ability to provide us with food, care for us and absorb our waste, the population continues to grow. So sustainable management of these resources goes far beyond protecting the environment. Positivity promotes human well-being. It must first identify its meaning.


At first glance, these problems may seem simple. The answer is that various factors interacting complicate the problem. One of the main reasons why it is difficult to solve the problem of sustainability is the lack of knowledge about how the environment works and how people's choices affect the environment. Until our understanding is more comprehensive, we generally do not know whether we should act properly. Thanks for reading. I hope you understand what I said. Be safe and Stay healthy.

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