After the quarantine

3개월 전
Dear readers, thank you for your visit, we are going to share about what we will do after the end of the pandemic, most likely at the beginning it will be a gradual transition, during which we will continue to go out with mouthpieces and the restriction of public events, as well as social gatherings; so we must continue to deepen the family union, extending it to our closest families. Some will meet with friends.

We will return to school activities, so we have to prepare our children to take the special sanitary measures as something normal, education will have the great challenge of taking care of the students in their classrooms.

Apart from the preventive measures, society must go forward in search of relative normality, until the Covid-19 vaccine is patented. Perhaps for some countries it will be less complicated, but others will have to overcome the death of many inhabitants and this will require much union and solidarity from all.

I can assure you that to overcome this situation, the best thing is to pray and seek God. It is not easy to go out on the streets with the feeling that we are all guilty. We cannot think that everything will be the same as before, life has changed in terms of the way we face the world outside our homes, we have to continue with preventive measures.

What we will value more is the sharing and the outings, to feel the freedom to look at the sky even if we have a mask... excuse me for not being so optimistic, but I think we must be objective and evaluate the most realistic scenarios, the approval time for the covid-19 vaccine is at least 10 months and until it is ready we will not return to normalcy as we know it, so we must be aware and assume that months will come where the care of us is the good of our loved ones.

We have to continue with prayer and increase our faith each one within their religious beliefs and something that will also help us feel better, are the outdoor activities such as exercise, walking, jogging, cycling, among many others.

And let's not leave behind what we have learned by sharing with our family nucleus and let's strengthen the bonds of love and friendship that we have strengthened by living the time of quarantine.

Let's give value to the small details of coffee at home and the taps in front of the TV, now that life is spending more time at home, because we spend the rest of our time at work and we are always looking forward to the holidays and now we have the opportunity to stay at home, we are flirting to return to the routine, as if we were prisoners.

The most important thing now is to take care of ourselves, to arrive together with our loved ones and friends to enjoy the post-pandemic times.


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They'll come back to share them as a family

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