Breaking Through Chapters 1.

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Dear readers, grateful for your visit, life is a constant challenge where we will always find obstacles and barriers that we must jump over or in some cases destroy in order to move forward. Many times they are physical objects, others are people who block but the most difficult ones are the mental walls that we have always built that we do not even know when they were built but they are like paradigms that we must overcome or change, so an additional effort is required to overcome them and move forward.

The obstacles are presented so that we look for the ways to overcome them and to be able to advance, this way we can visualize them with the studies, where we are passing from a degree to the following one, but surely they have realized that some stay the way or they must repeat some degree or matter to be able to continue ahead, only the disciplined and constant ones arrive at the end and they obtain the wished degree, but not all those that graduate reach the economic success and not all those that do not obtain it fail, surely they know people that without having degrees are successful industralists.
And they must also know professionals who have failed and survive economically, but surely these must be a minority, meaning that success is not defined by obtaining a degree.

Surely they know about the children of millionaires who are ruined, so having family money does not guarantee your economic future either, so the best thing is to look for the constants in each case and be able to assume some and discard the others as is obvious.
When looking at winners in some branches of life we would have the answers to reach the top, but because we do not abide by them and we are all part of the club of successful in some other branch of life like love, family and work.

Sometimes when we analyze our life we do not realize that we are successful people because we always associate it with money, but see many artists and sportsmen who reach the summit and earn a lot of money, but in their relationships are a disaster, surely you have met people who do not have great monetary wealth but are millionaires in family love and happiness.

Let's be positive people

Let's summarize what we must do to succeed:

  1. Study and Prepare
  2. Constancy and perseverance
  3. Gratitude and faith
  4. Proactive and strategic
  5. Ability to stand up to failure
  6. Ability to learn from others, appropriate patterns
  7. Be timely

We already have several important characteristics to become a winner where studying is first, which is good to explain that it does not refer to going to a university and getting a degree specifically although it would not be wrong. To succeed in any field you must study it in depth, either by starting to work from the bottom up or by asking for advice from someone who has succeeded in it.
We have already taken the first step, we have started to walk the path to success.

Let's break down barriers to achieve happiness.

  • Let's find the beauty of life*



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