I walked back

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Dear readers, I am honored by your visit. We have to learn to value the extraordinary in our daily lives; certainly we are so used to so many activities that we do not give them the value they have, for example, we have been walking since we were children and we see it as something natural, I will tell you my experience.

Approximately nine years ago I began to have very strong pain in my left leg that increased until I could not get out of bed, I spent several days with painkillers until they no longer had any effect and thank God my beloved wife called a neurosurgeon who, after her prayers, agreed to bring forward the appointment and check me out. I had a herniated disc and the intervertebral disc was already ruptured and imprisoning a nerve, The pain was unbearable and I was hospitalized and placed an IV with serum and pain reliever, while the health insurance placed a prosthesis that should be placed in the spine, were several days that I spent in bed and the pain grew, increased the dose I placed another line with pain reliever and additional injections every eight hours and still the pain did not let me sleep had to give me a pill to sleep which I could do intermittently.

I tell you that the most unbearable pain was not being able to be with my wife who was pregnant and about to give birth, how much pain filled my heart. My wife had her C-section done at a different clinic than I was, I couldn't be there when my son was born.

Finally the prosthesis arrived and the day before the operation my son was born. They had to do an MRI and take me to the clinic where my wife and baby were, they took me in an ambulance and I was on a stretcher. I was given an MRI and returned to my clinic, but I was happy to have my son on my chest, thanks to my sister-in-law's pleas to a nurse to open a door near my wife's room that led to the MRI room, this detail was told to me later.

When the day of the operation arrived, they looked for me at six o'clock in the morning and took me to the operating room. When I opened my eyes, I felt like I was wrapped in a warm blanket, which they changed a few minutes later to maintain my body temperature. At nine o'clock at night the doctor arrived and told me it was time to stand up and walk. He helped me to sit up in bed and immediately I got up holding the doctor's hands and we took several steps and thanks to God there was no pain, walking is a special activity for me, thank God.

Just as walking is special, so is looking, talking, listening, in short, having our senses well, is a blessing that we often do not value.

Let us thank God for our senses and for life.

Thank God for allowing me to stand and to walk



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