Just like the sun

2개월 전

I want to dedicate these words to you to express the love I feel for you and explain in short sentences that you are the love of my life, as well as:

As well as...
Water is life,
you are my love.

Birds fly,
you're very loving.

Fish swim,
you are my love.

The stars are shining,
you are my love.

The universe is moving,
you are my love.

The sun rises every day,
you are my love.

As the sun sets, give your light to the moon to illuminate the earth.

So even if my eyes don't look at you,
you are permanently in my heart.

So is the air I breathe,
you are my love.

D.pngA.pngM.pngE.pngL.pngL.pngY.png S.png

You're my sunshine, I love you



May God, success and joy always be with you.

Venezuela, land of peace


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Tus palabras siempre cobijan mi alma, y me dejan sin palabra. Gracias por esta hermosa declaración de amor.
Besitos vida