I usually take a selfie 100 times and I don't like any

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Hello, friends.
I'm not a professional photographer, I seldom take selfy. Recently - only for Steemit.
My camera is Honor 8X. And I don't put filters or any special settings.
I love naturalness and ease.
Although I'm often critical my selfies.

There're some points which I definitely pay attention to:
1) the background.
For the blog, I try to choose wonderful views: sea, mountains, clouds. Necessarily beautiful. No extra items.
Such background that I would have liked if I had been looking at other's photos.
2) the light.
I turn to face the sun so that it illuminates me, not the camera. Or under artificial lighting - a lamp or a chandelier in front of me. Against the light.
And a minimum of shadow. Sometimes the shadow darkens some parts of the face and it seems it increases age.
3) my mood.
I almost always smile. I know that people like to look at smiles. Sometimes they smile back.
I rarely take pictures with a calm face. And I will never save a selfie with a bad mood or a gloomy face.
Only positive emotions!

This time I got a lot of good selfies:
the background - Fiolent, Crimea, the light - Sun,
and the mood is Happiness!





I hope you enjoy them.

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World NO-1 Love legend MR: @tanmoykumar (I mean, It's me) says "A woman or man looking so pretty that time, when they spend their time with their special person".

You both are looking lovely.


Привет, ты же говоришь по русски?


Dear @vict0r, I really don't know "русски"/ "Russian"!!! Here, I take to Google translate help.