When beauty is just not enough...

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Over the last two decades the media and especially the internet, has become an integral part of our everyday life!

The influence that girls(especially them) have on beauty standards is so big,that they endanger their health and do everything to attain the least of the expectations of features that are presented as ideal!

Exhaustive diets and plastic surgeries complete the image of a model so common nowadays that leaves almost everyone indifferent...

Naturalness has been absorbed by the fabric and leads to identical faces, both common and inaccessible like plastic dolls...

But what young girls need to know is that the character is the one who chokes the most beautiful person and rises the most ugly!

I have seen people that the kindness of their soul reflected all the shine on their faces and covered every imperfection they had on either their face or body!

At the same time, I have met people so impressively beautiful but the arrogance, the vice and the contempt that I discovered later in their character overshadowed their outer beauty and prevented me from seeing it! How could I? How could anyone actually?

So having a nice body together with a nice face is not enough to qualify you as a beautiful person!

The eyes are the mirror of the soul they say..., the way we speak and we behave are crucial!
Outer appearance if not accompanied by good behavior is of no value.

Because even if beauty is the first thing that attracts us, the character is the one who will keep us close to them forever!

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