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When everything is OK it is pretty easy to be positive and optimistic. Right?

Positive thinking and optimism are both equally important when things do not go as well as we want or when we face difficulties.

In recent times, negative news has been around everywhere, in the news, in newspapers, in conversations with others....

The atmosphere is charged with negativity, fear for the future, anger about the state of the country and distrust.

Some may have lost their jobs, some have suffered a significant drop in their salary, making it increasingly difficult for them to meet their obligations and accumulating more and more debt, which increases the stress for the future.

So, throughout these extremely negative conditions it is natural to experience frustration. But it is important to understand that, while these feelings are justifiable, it is almost unlikely to help us fight the crisis.

The more frustrated we feel, the more our mental world will be exhausted, the more we will lose our hopes and perhaps begin to give up...

Imagine traveling by car in the mountains for hours and you are lost in a desolate and inhospitable area.

What would you do? Would you stop and think that there is no way to find your way back?
How would this thought help you?


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Similarly, if you are in a difficult financial situation, thoughts like I'm in a very bad shape , there's no hope can not help you make money and solve your problem.

All that these thoughts can do is exacerbate the frustration and anxiety you may feel.

Of course, even if we are aware of how negative thoughts can affect us, it is difficult to get into practice and change into a more optimistic and positive approach.

As always, theory is easier than action...

First of all, it is important to understand that negative thinking will not solve the problem (and that’s a fact)
Many people are still worried about different situations because they think in their minds that their anxiety can lead them to solutions.

They think it is absurd to be optimistic when everything around them encourages the opposite (which actually is).
But what does optimism mean?

Is it not to believe that difficult situations are reversible?

There is nothing more permanent than change supports a well-known saying, and this phrase contains not only wisdom but also the positive thought that everything can be overturned.

The usefulness of positive thinking in difficult situations is that it keeps us strong to continue trying.

But of course....

Being optimistic and positive does not mean to turn a blind eye to the criticism of our current situation.It means accepting what is happening and making it hard for us but at the same time refusing to surrender to the whirl of our negative emotions.

It means accepting what we can not control and control what we can. Perhaps we can not control the state of the economy for example, but we can control how we feel and how we see the situation.


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Surely, each of us has not only difficulties, but also things that make them feel joy, things he can be grateful for.
It is worth thinking about what those things we have we should be grateful for and what are the things that give us pleasure today.

So we change our perspective and we see our life more globally, more positively.

When we think in a positive way we believe that every problem has its solution. This of course does not mean that the problem will be resolved tomorrow or in a magical way.

Often we first need to take small steps to "break" our goal into smaller targets not only because they are driving us slowly to our goal but because they build our confidence that we can do it, as well as our belief that the situation is resolvable.

I ain’t saying that I have a magic recipe to solve my problems. I just believe that in a society where everything is collapsing, each and everyone of us has to find the strength to deal with his problems, in a more positive way...

After all...if life was easy, it wouldn’t be fun.

Thanks for stopping by
Until next time....

Cheers @mindtrap

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It is important to see both sides with a good attitude. You have chosen awesome pictures, love the first one.

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