Break your chains

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You talk to me about freedom....and at the same time, you want to trap me where I cannot even breath.

You look at me....and you tell me that I look like you....and I look you in the eyes and I scream “I am not you”....”This is me


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You grew me up by making me believe that your own needs are also mine....

You taught me to be the good kid for everyone and without realizing it....I became the bad kid for myself....

It took me years to realize that my life was a reproduction of yours, sprinkled with intense emotions, passions, love, drama.

It took me years to figure out that you have condemned me from your own ignorance, of not being happy, not to live.

One day I met myself in front of my mirror and he asked me to reintroduce myself.
He asked me to break my chains

I froze...I heard something cracking inside of me... something broke just like that ... and tears began to roll out of my eyes. I took a photo of you and I started screaming ... "I am not you!"
Repeatedly, loudly and with tension in breath...the same phrase until I felt it in my heart....

I am not you”!
And then I started to breath more rhythmically, calmly, slowly, until I felt completely calm.

And just like that....I felt like I loved you from the beginning because that was the moment I loved and accepted myself!
Suddenly everything made sense...and I felt like starting to understand you too

I began to realize that it was time to put an end to those miserable repetitions of my life because my ignorance had just ended. And then I started to live and be slowly but steadily...happy!!!
I began to take responsibility for my life and myself!
I started to feel free

It is difficult to say “goodbye” to the familiar and repetitive patterns of your life until the day it drains you.... and you eventually understand that you are ready.

Then you understand that the crack you felt, the pain you experienced was to get rid of your chains.

Then you realize that behind the pain you felt when you broke the mold ... behind that pain that differentiates you from "them".......lies what you ask, and it is called freedom!


Dedicated to those who want and are ready to break their chains.

Thank you for stopping by
Until next time

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