Who will prevail?

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There is a winner as well as a loser inside each and everyone of us and they often compete who will prevail.
The reason why most people simply get along instead of actually succeeding in their lives is because they let the loser prevail.
And how does one understand that the loser speaks?

-Oh, I can not do that...
-Oh, it's very risky... or
-And if I fail...?
-And what about my economies...?
-What will people say...?

The winner is not afraid of the risk, while the loser on the other hand, only thinks of safety and security. It is ironic! The loser shouts and strives for security and safety and ends up with a career and a life that is never really safe or certain.

Where is the certainty when you marry someone who is just a good husband/wife, but is not the love of your life?

Where is security when you give your heart and soul for a company that will probably fire you in the next few weeks?
Do you think “making a safe choice you'll get you a good result”?

Within each one of us there is the winner and the loser, the active and the lazy, the one who is vener stops trying and the one who sits on the couch.

This is the battle...

The reason you want to take a step forward is because you want to support the winner to prevail !

The loser wants us to stay nailed on the couch, wants us to prefer safety because if we do, then we will not force ourselves to do something new and different.
That's why in business industry you will always meet winners.

It's easy to say: “I can not do that” or “** I don’t want to work too hard or take risks**” These are the words of a loser after all...

And you should not feel bad about it. We all have a loser within us.
Every morning, we make this choice:
Who woke up this morning? The winner or the loser? This is the battle we give.

Whenever we allow our fears, our doubts, or our low self-esteem to win, the loser is emerging and dominating.

Most do not have the courage to continue through difficulties, to handle the frustration and not forget the vision they once had...

They just have not been trained in this skill. However, this is vital. This is the most important skill someone possesses in their lives and entrepreneurship.

And since we are talking about skills, it means that it is something that we can work on and evolve. This is the winner’s way.

Nothing in the world is certain and the difficulties will occur everywhere. To become a winner though you have to become familiar with uncertainty.

If you've learned to swim in shallow waters and only where you step, maybe this is the moment of change!

Will you manage to swim in the deep if needed?

Risk, hides within the confidence of victory. If you win, you are a winner. You took your chances, you fought and you deserve it.

If you lose though...you are sort of a winner again...It is enough that you have experienced and acquired the experience and knowledge.
What does not kill you makes you stronger...remember?
The effort is always the biggest victory.

Every morning you wake up you should not leave space to the loser to act.
You must insist on getting the winner out of bed and then...start your day.

Have a good one peeps.


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Most do not have the courage to continue through difficulties, to handle the frustration and not forget the vision they once had...

What a great quote, and a great post. :)

It is a question of mindset toward the uncertainty!


Thanks buddy. What a beautiful input ;)

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