The price of freedom.

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Everyone wants to be free...

We all wish to do whatever we want with our lives without others’ judgment...

But not everyone is willing to bear the cost of freedom....

From an early age, we feel the need for adolescence, this need is usually culminating, and then, in adulthood, we face the cost of freedom.

And this is the point where, some people are “doing one step back”,others just...compromise, and few are the ones who dare to pay the price.

The one, unique and indispensable term for doing what we want with our lives is...

To be willing to take full responsibility of the consequences of our actions!

The biggest problem today is not people who are compatible with freedom.T heir decision is fully respected and honest.

The problem is people who want to enjoy freedom, without taking on the responsibility of the consequences of their actions.

It is them...who slander, but when they get to court they get everything back. Those who..when they win, they lift the cup alone like nobody else contributed, but when they lose they are looking to whom they will drop the blame.

This is what it means to be willing to take responsibility for your life. To be willing to accept your successes, your accomplishments and whatever is good in one's life.

At the same time though one should say: "I am the only one who is responsible for my failures, for the people I might have hurt and for what went wrong".

Measure your choices and decisions, and think: "Am I prepared to pay the price”?

To claim every praise and reward for my deeds, and not to hesitate for a moment to take on all the consequences that I am responsible for**?

To be able to admit your mistakes before others’ indications... Be willing to pay the price without any discount, no hesitation, no excuses.

Because that's the only way you can claim everything in life.

Only in this way will you be able to say "I claim everything that I deserve" without any deduction, guilt, apology or compromise.

Freedom requires not to be afraid of mistakes, failure, loss, backwardness.
These situations are inextricably linked with freedom.

Anyone who is afraid to make enemies will never make strong friends...they say...

But it also presupposes that you do not gamble with “freedom”. Decide in full awareness of your actions!

Because very simply, anyone who only wants to enjoy the benefits of freedom without paying the price, just does not have the right to be free.

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This is a very thoughtful write-up. In other words, anyone who wants to be totally free must pay the price.


In other words...yea.

Thank you for your kind words.

✌🏾 peace ! I like your work I'm Look forward to your content for the upcoming months. I am fairly new to posting on the steemit platform please take a look at my most resent upload.

I do my best to maintain my freedom, no matter the consequences with crypto I am So.. glad to find myself now in a position to help my family who had not listened for years and now are starting to realize the truth. ✌🏾



I'll have a look. Thanks